• Being Together, by Rasheed Hislop

    We are pleased to introduce our wonderful son Hatuey Joaquin, who just turned one week today. Our birth was a challenging experience, probably the most difficult of any of our lives thus far – Hatuey’s heart rate was very high throughout the labor and this prevented us from going to the birthing[…]

  • A Healing Experience, by Caroline Ramirez

    I gave birth to my first baby in a planned C-section because he was breech. I had selected my OB because she supported natural childbirth. But it turned out that she did not support a family-centered C-section.  Once we scheduled the C-section, she refused to let me discuss a birth[…]

  • Gwen’s Birth, By Sarah Manton-Hollis

    Gwen’s birth story starts a few years before she was born.  I’d had three miscarriages previously and a thyroid condition so had ended up starting this pregnancy being closely monitored in a fertility clinic. I then transferred to a high risk Obgyn at about nine weeks when it seemed to[…]

  • Mary Esther Malloy and Consultation Services

    I have counseled women about their birth experiences since 2002, both privately and in group settings. If you are looking for support as you prepare for birth, I invite you to set up a consultation. If you have given birth by cesarean and are working through your experience of birth[…]

  • The People in the Room

    Feel free to ask the people in the room to introduce themselves. It’s nice to know who is assisting your family and introductions can help you feel like a human being among human beings. In the operating room, you will have two obstetricians, an anesthesiologist, a few surgical nurses, a[…]

  • Gifts, by Brandon Barrow

    I never fully understood the meaning of hindsight until after the birth of my first daughter. She was born via an emergency Cesarean in the spring of 2011. Although my husband and I prepared ourselves for the birth of our child—reading books on labor, attending birthing classes—we had not fully[…]

  • Choosing a VBAC, by Aimee Karr

    On September 20th, 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant, after over 3 weeks of contractions coming and going, I woke up and started to cry. I said to my husband, “It’s so hard not to be frustrated about this. I just want to meet our baby.” He reminded me of[…]

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