• The Mindful Cesarean is for you if…

  • Skin to Skin During a Cesarean

    Ask if your baby can be delivered to your chest (umbilical cord intact for a few minutes, if possible).  If so, request help unwrapping the baby at least partially for skin to skin contact. If not, ask your doctor or nurse to show you your baby before she goes to[…]

  • The Mindful Cesarean

    If you are preparing for birth and thinking about a cesarean, there’s likely to be a good deal of emotional tacking, from excitement at meeting your baby to varying degrees of concern, fear, even grief.  The Mindful Cesarean is about being present to what is. I hope the practices shared here help you[…]

  • The Great Beauty and The Great Sadness, by Mae Fatto

    “Being a mom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Every challenge seems designed by nature to make you a better person, more empathic, more emotional, more open. There are times when I want to turn it all off, I don’t want to feel anymore but then our son settles[…]

  • Recovery

    Your Physical and Emotional Recovery  What to Expect in the First Days after a Cesarean Music Decreases Pain Reach Out: Get help from family, friends, and ICAN My Interview with Dr. Pamela Morrison: Tips for Your Physical Recovery What to Expect in the First Days after a Cesarean Some women[…]

  • What’s New with Cesareans?

    Cesarean sections are the most common surgery in the U.S. and for many decades, the procedure has been largely unchanged. But now, at last, doctors are innovating. Hospitals are trying new techniques. The goal is to further humanize cesareans for mothers and babies and maximize good health outcomes for all. Change can be[…]

  • Naturally Mamma, by Athena Reich

    Finally, it is over. I am going to meet my baby. My eyes sting with sweet tears as they wheel me towards the operating room. I never thought I would feel this light again. After three years of infertility, in 15 minutes I will meet my son. It’s been a[…]

  • Anesthesia

    With most cesareans, a woman will receive an epidural or spinal block, in which local anesthetics are used to block pain in the torso. General anesthesia is reserved for rare, emergency situations. If you already have an epidural in place, it will simply be topped off. Otherwise, you will most[…]

  • Freedom of Movement

    To maximize your ability to touch your baby, ask your nurses or doctors if you could go without the arm restraints.  Also, ask if they can place the IV and pulsometer on one arm, leaving the other free to touch the baby, even if it is still somewhat encumbered by[…]

  • Announcing Your Baby’s Sex

    If you haven’t found out the sex of your baby, this is a very exciting moment. Remind care providers that you would like to be the ones to call out, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” You will remember this moment forever. “Our midwife told the room that we[…]

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