What’s New with Cesareans?

Cesarean sections are the most common surgery in the U.S. and for many decades, the procedure has been largely unchanged. But now, at last, doctors are innovating. Hospitals are trying new techniques. The goal is to further humanize cesareans for mothers and babies and maximize good health outcomes for all.

Change can be slow to come to our hospitals, but the more parents who ask for these innovative approaches, the faster change happens.

So, what’s new on the cesarean landscape? Many are discussed throughout this website:

  • Delayed Cord Clamping
  • Microbial Swab
  • Clear or Lowered Screens
  • Skin to Skin Contact

In the U.K., a new technique allows babies to wriggle their way out. A doctor will help the baby’s head out and, if necessary, the shoulders, and then gently assist as the baby makes its way out. The baby then spends time skin to skin with its mother. This video is a must watch!


If your baby wriggles out, I would love to hear about it. Please share your story of this, or other innovative practices! Please contact me at info@mindfulbirthny.com. Thank you!


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