You are preparing for a planned cesarean

“I may have to have a planned cesarean. Is The Mindful Cesarean for me?”

This website and the accompanying Toolkit are for anyone who learns in advance of labor that she will most likely birth by cesarean. Knowing ahead of time of the high likelihood of a cesarean offers families hours, days, weeks, even months to prepare. It is my hope that “The Mindful Cesarean Birth Visualization,” the exercise on working with fear, the inspiring stories, and practical tips can be a meaningful part of this preparation.

I’ll add that if you are able to labor for some hours before a planned cesarean, new research supports this approach as healthy for your baby. You will find information about in-labor cesareans under “Practical Tips for a Healthy Cesarean.” To get your baby and parenting relationship off to the strongest start possible, I’ll also draw your attention to information in “After Your Baby is Born” about how post-cesarean skin to skin contact can help with some of the physical and emotional challenges you and your baby may face as a result of a planned cesarean.

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