Midwife and Doula Support

If you’ve engaged a midwife for your primary care, she will most likely be present at your cesarean birth. She can be on both sides of the curtain, meaning she can easily relay your requests to doctors, give you status updates, and offer emotional support throughout. If you have a doula, ask if she can join you in the operating room. She can help you and your partner find calm and focus. If your partner needs to follow the baby to the warmer or NICU, your doula can stay at your side. Both your midwife and doula can be resources throughout your recovery and can help support breastfeeding.

The Cesarean Birth Team Deluxe

“I was so grateful to have my midwife present at my first birth and both my midwife and doula at my second, in addition to my husband. Having another person there ensured that my baby was never without someone who loved her and neither was I. When Hazel briefly went to the table to be suctioned, my husband went to her and my doula came to me. She was able to tenderly describe what was happening, that Paul was with Hazel, that Hazel was doing ok, that I was strong and a warrior in my own rite. I remember every word spoken to me during that time with immense clarity, and had I been all alone I think I would have remembered that too. I know not all hospitals allow doulas to be present, but it can’t hurt to ask.”  Suzanne Chesney

“After almost 5 hours pushing I was told we needed to do a c section. It was so hard to hear and there were tears. I had labored naturally for 30 hours and was feeling disappointed in myself that I couldn’t do it. My husband and doula kept telling me how amazing and strong I was and that this was not my fault. Their support was crucial in that moment. My doula kept bragging about how strong I had been. She told me that all the nurses thought I had an epidural because I was so in control. That encouragement propped me up when I really needed it. They let my husband and doula in the room with me once I had the spinal tap. Having a doula who knew what was happening was so calming. She stood by my head and talked me thru it all.” Christina Franklin



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